Life by default -What it is and the alternative

There are women living life by default and they don’t know they’re choosing it.

Women who have been outstanding students, loving wives, devoted Moms or successful in their careers and have given up pieces of themselves. They’re ambitious and creative. They’re quick to have gratitude for what they have. Yet, also slow to admit they want something more or something different.

There are so many reasons they hold themselves back from what they want. Noble and reasonable reasons. They stay in their comfort zone too long, say no to themselves too often, and trust themselves too little. Defined by their roles and denied parts of themselves, they never feel quite whole. They continue to make themselves smaller, to contort and round off their edges, to fit into a one-size-fits-all life.

It’s a recipe for dis-ease and regret.

The alternative is a life by design.

One where they come home to themselves. Built on a foundation of personal values and framed with self trust. Here they get clear and focused on what’s most important, and take radical responsibility for how they define success. No longer their own worst critic, they cultivate meaningful self-care and honour their bodies. Daily decisions bring them closer to want they want. They align what they do and who they are becoming. They foster unshakeable confidence, courage and commitment to the growth and empowerment of themselves and those around them.

It’s self-made fulfillment and freedom.




Dream-maker. On a mission to help creative ambitious women live life by design.

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Amanda Jane

Amanda Jane

Dream-maker. On a mission to help creative ambitious women live life by design.

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